Half Marathon Course


Leaving from Camino Ramblas Trailhead head .5 miles to the Harbor View intersection. Turn Right run .25 miles up the trail to the first AId Station at the saddle junction. Volunteers will direct runners to the left following Harbor View trail to loop around that leg of the hill for a 2 mile loop, the ends at the 1st aid station (2nd time) again where Volunteers will then direct runners directly across to the Patriot hill, runners will run on the single track that parallels the Patriot Hill Fireroad. Runners will merge onto Patriot hill trail and follow it to the Flag Pole Hill with a loop at the flag, returning back from flag runners will make a Left turn at the Flagpole Hill Trail for .5 miles.  Runners will then turn Left onto Cerro Rebal Trail and at bottom of the 200yd hill will hit the 2nd Aid Station (1st time through for runners).
Runners will be directed to South Los Mares trail for 1 mile and follow to the North Los Mares trail for .5 miles. At top of trail runners will turn Right onto Prima Deshecha Trail follow for 1.5 miles to turn Right onto Whispering Winds North Trail.  Runners will follow Whispering Winds Trail till it turns into Julian Farms Trail for 1 mile to the Julian Farm Trailhead on San Juan Creek Road where aid station 4 is.  Runners will turn around and go back up and follow the route back to turn Left back onto Prima Deshecha Trailhead 1 mile till it turns into Las Ramblas Trail for .5 miles to the 2nd Aid Station location for the runners again (2nd time through for runners)(5th aid station).  Runners will then be directed by Volunteers to head straight back to the finish on the Las Ramblas Trail for .7 miles to the Finish line. 


Aid Stations

Harbor Saddle Aid Station 1 and 2: Miles .7 and 2.7

Cerro Aid Station 3 and 5: Mile 5.7 and 12.0

Julian Farm Aid Station 4: Mile 9 

*We recommend carrying at least one hand held based on the distance between Aid station 3 and 4 is over 3 miles apart.